12 piece of chicken scallopini
1 lb. mushrooms in thin slices
1 lg. red onion, chopped
3 fresh tomatoes, seeded, peeled and cut in chunks (about 12 pieces each
3 green peppers in about 1 inch pieces



Cut chicken into approximately 2 1/2 inch pieces; carefully do each piece in seasoned flour (about 1 cup flour, salt and pepper).
Cook chicken until light golden in vegetable or olive oil in heavy skillet. Drain on paper towels while cooking remainder of pieces.

Saute onion a few minutes. Do not brown. Set colander over bowl to catch drips. Saute mushrooms. Add to onions.

Put layer of chicken in large low bowl or casserole; spoon 1/3 of mixed vegetable over chicken (onion, mushrooms, tomato and pepper mixed together). Repeat (about 3 layers).

Add drippings from onion, etc., plus 1 cup dry white wine to skillet. Cook a couple of minutes. Pour over chicken and vegetables.

Cook in 350 degree oven for about 20 to 25 minutes until thoroughly heated and pepper is cooked.